Yum Yum Parking. There’s No Other Like It!

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How are you holding up after the long weekend? How about if you and me rounded up for a chocolate party? Eh? Hot chocolate, chocolate brownies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate pretty much everything? Excuse me for breaking my chocolate cravings on you, but honestly, have you ever tasted something more comfortable than a full chocolate menu? Chocolate pasta? Chocolate steaks? Mmm. Yeah, maybe that’s a bit too far in my choco cravings.

Come, come, let’s have that choco-something, anything while watching this short, very short, too short animated movie from Yum Yum London. It’s about the pleasures of tight parking. Or not? Come, come! (via)

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#1 Ellington on 09.07.10 at 5:30 pm

That was funny!! And Kpriss before I read it I had a bowl of yummy chocolate ice cream, so I am with you on your chocolate craving binge. : )
I would love to know just where that hamhock came from. : D

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