Love Diamond – It Is All Worth It!

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I was looking for a way to keep you posted with the latest chez Mr & Mrs Kpriss (& co)… Well, this Love Diamond ad campaign has is all summarized : It is all worth it!

You may have been noticed that your favorite style reviewer – Stylefrizz has gotten a little softer on the publishing side. What you didn’t knew it’s because we’re undergoing a stubbornly slow process of teething. It’s a wonderful yet so upside-down time in a baby’s life that even Stylefrizz had to break the lines and keep company to our baby girl and her burgeoning first teeth! So please enjoy this great ad campaign for Love Diamond (with its prints – Laundry, Husband, Baby) because It is all worth it, indeed! (don’t miss the Husband and Laundry ads right after the jump) (via)

Love Diamond ad campaign baby

Love Diamond ad campaign husband

Love Diamond ad campaign laundry


#1 Dolly Bird on 11.19.08 at 4:31 pm

And an affectionate thought for babygirl and her teething probs.

#2 Adriana on 11.21.08 at 6:11 am

Maybe she finds one under her bed brought by the teeth-fairy when she’s lost her first……

Hopes everyone in the family Kpriss get enough sleep?

#3 Ellington on 11.21.08 at 5:34 pm

It pretty but as I have said before I always wonder where these diamonds have been mined.
Oh and I hope that the teething goes along as smoothly as possible!
Best of luck! : )

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