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Armani Storezilla On Fifth Avenue
47,000-square-foot store for Armani in New York. It’s like luxury can’t breathe no more in small store spaces, it absolutely has to have a space... Read More

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Alexander McQueen Store Melrose Avenue, LA
You remember that fashion big names only come in large spaces? Well, the new Alexander McQueen Store from Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles has a 3,100-square-foot... Read More

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New Fendi Store Opens in Paris
…or how many square foot one needs to feel luxury floating all over? In a city where living space seems to be created in the... Read More

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The Desert Prada Store
This is one fashion paradox explained by architectural conceptual symbolism: a store in plain desert, store under the proud flag of Prada. ..the combination of... Read More

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The Best Looking Store in the World is Tom Ford’s
We knew he was a deco-superfreak (remember the 10 years he spend at Gucci that he personally signed, approved and verified all the display windows... Read More

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