New Fendi Store Opens in Paris

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…or how many square foot one needs to feel luxury floating all over?

In a city where living space seems to be created in the fiercest of economies, where parking lots are most likely to have created the very definition of claustrophobia, a new luxury store opens for everyone’s delight.

Fendi moved his store into a 5,400 square foot space simply because the older one wasn’t fashionably decorated anymore and, as the Fendi Chief Executive Michael Burke said:
“We were not up to our full potential” and now with the new store “I think this is really cool”.

New Fendi Store from Paris

So it’s a two floored boutique – for one you have accessories and upstairs ready-to-wear collection (and furs). The main level features a splintered vortex of balls (looks like someone put a silver Christmas Decoration in the wrong season so he kinda messed with it so no one would see that we’re a long way from December), a Loris Cecchini large scale silver sculpture and every store must – the scarf wall.

Fendi Store Paris
It may seem naïve, but does luxury has a specific surface? I mean like – when you’ve got a 500 square foot store – that makes it a low brand issue. When luxury involved, we’re thinking big! We’re thinking above 3,000 square foot? Why not 5,000? Of course, if we’re talking museum space, it’s completely comprehensible. But when talking commercial space, isn’t it too much already? You tell me – do you feel restrained under 5,400 square foot of store space? Or anything goes as long as you’re talking shoes and bags and stuff? (who cares enough to look around, anyway?)
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