Alexander McQueen Store Melrose Avenue, LA

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You remember that fashion big names only come in large spaces? Well, the new Alexander McQueen Store from Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles has a 3,100-square-foot space filled with 70% air.

Of course the store looks clean and slick, a new sci-fi hospital where you get to cure your clothing urge, but it’s wasted space if you make a mathematical ratio between the merchandise quantity and the space available. You only get to even things out when the price label comes into the equation.

Alexander McQueen Melrose LA Store

Then you have one conclusion left – more the merchandise is expensive, more it requires space for its display.

Alexander McQueen LA Store

The good thing about this opening is that Mr. McQueen isn’t targeting big names to fill in the space and the register “just because”:

Alexander McQueen LA Store Melrose Avenue

If she comes past the shop (Paris Hilton), hopefully she’ll just keep walking. I don’t really covet that sort of thing. (…) I can’t get sucked into that celebrity thing because I think it’s just crass. I work with people who I admire and respect. It’s never because of who they are. It’s not about celebrity; that would show a lack of respect for the work, for everyone working on the shows, because when the pictures come out it’s all about who’s in the front row. What you see in the work is the person itself. And my heart is in my work.

Alexander McQueen Melrose Avenue LA Store

And not to forget the famous refusal to invite Victoria Beckham to a show because it was the modeling debut for Aimee Mullins, the prosthetic-legged young woman and he didn’t wanted to steal away the show from this very special young woman. Of course Posh vociferated her displeased self to the world but nothing changed.

Now that’s a philosophy you don’t get the chance to hear/read about every day in this ever-evolving- money-into-everything-era.

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