Sharon Stone For Damiani

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Loosing one, gaining another, there goes life. And what a glamorous and full of friends life!

Sharon was shown the exit door from the Dior China contract and not even a month away she features her gorgeous blond self in another advertising campaign. This time it’s all about jewelry. Italian made, highly expensive and highly appreciated in the Hollywood Hills, Damiani imagined a naturally photoshopped Sharon to represent their sparkling jewelry across the world. How about that? Seems like Italians don’t really care about Dalai Lama or others friends and foes of mighty blond Sharon. Or maybe a month is time enough to forgive and forget her declarations?(click the photo to enlarge)

Sharon Stone Damiani Ads
(photos via ontdff)


#1 Serenity on 06.23.08 at 11:44 pm

To be honest, her comments were crass but they werent that bad…….it was stupid to say that the hurricane that took place was because of karma but is it not true that what China is doing to Tibet is terrible?

#2 Arnoldo Valerio on 06.24.08 at 12:17 am

Italians are only interested in FASHION and luxery and what Sharon said about whatever country isn’t important. So Kpriss your right Italians don’t care about the Dalai Lama or Tibet. At least I’m not. On the otherhand the average people in Italy do care about what is going on in this world. Ciao

#3 Adriana on 06.24.08 at 8:50 am

I wonder, since Sharon Stone has not a hit movie in ages and isn’t even one of the best actresses around, why she can pose as an older woman for these ads and models can not? That’s my question.

I rather do not get into politic statements here. That would make a long story with very strong opinions. Its a fragile discussion which can distraught people easily while its not meant that way….

#4 kpriss on 06.25.08 at 8:16 am

Hm, I guess fashion has its commercial ways to look after rather than decide who was righteously doing what between China and Tibet, Serenity (what an appropriate nickname!). The public doesn’t appreciate crossover declarations, I think (like “hey, stick to your basic instinct things, blondie! forget politics or spiritual matters!”).

Valerio, I was convinced the Italians care about the surrounding world, but they tend to care about fashion more than anything. Which, of course, is not a bad thing. necessarily ;)

Adriana, after being a hit with “spreading her legs”, it would be rather hard to make people believe she can actually think. And these last declarations don’t honor in any way that impressive IQ she claimed to have… And to answer your question – I guess it’s a marketing matter. A model can’t cause all that stir…

#5 boogoo on 07.06.08 at 10:17 am

It’s Sharon Stone’s KARMA to lose a 4 billion Dior contracts! Hurray! She really deserve it for saying stupid things! Meanwhile, China’s earthquake has nothing to do w/ Tibet! Don’t mix them up!

#6 kpriss on 07.08.08 at 7:11 am

When you have that much money and people know who you are everywhere on Earth, you kinda tend to get it all to your head.. Who cares about geography or education?

#7 Adriana on 07.12.08 at 4:08 pm

Kpriss, I have to set the record straight about Sharon “spreading her legs” since I reviewed ‘Basic Instinct’ last night and I rememberd how this happened. Its Paul Verhoeven’s fault. Sharon didn’t wanted to show her intimate parts at all. But Paul talked her into it that it was better for the shot and nothing intimate would be showed. She believed the lyer. When she found out she was fooled by Paul she was furious and they had a feud for a long time. He has confessed this himself a several times! That’s so typical Paul Verhoeven….

I’m still a great Paul Verhoeven fan though. Especially his Dutch movies are my all-time faves. But this was a mean streak of Paul….

#8 kpriss on 07.17.08 at 12:11 am

I had no idea! Still it was a brilliant idea from a brilliant director, I have to admit it! (and Sharon too. Even if it marked her career forever). Thanks for bringing it up!

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