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Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign With Cole Mohr Vs Marc Jacobs BryanBoy
Marc Jacobs is definitely into blogging! By now you’ve all seen at least one of the images from the upcoming Marc by Marc Jacobs Advertising.... Read More

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Donna Karan Handbags Wisdom
I have previously talked about Donna Karan’s last bags achievement. Now it’s time to introduce you to some serious Donna talk. ‘I don’t know anybody... Read More

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Donna Karan Modern Astrology Handbags
People are calling her hypocrite for her so-called environment and spiritual militating while designing/producing utterly expensive clothes and accessories. 59 years old and talking about... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Quality Issues
I wonder if they were considering this when they started that awful war against counterfeiting! On June 5, the Louis Vuitton Store from the Chinese... Read More

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Judith Leiber Uber Bling Handbags
Did you ever considered paying $5,995 for a bouquet? Or $3,395 for a butterfly? If not, maybe a $5,495 pineapple would be more your cup... Read More

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Get Yourself A Map Purse!
Just how many times you wish you had a map even in your home town? I’m one of those reluctant to gps just because it’s... Read More

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Monika Botkier For Target
Target is targeting designers more and more. After the sneak peak at the Monika Botkier Collection that hits stores on July 20, the news for... Read More

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Kid Robot Bags
Dare to wear colorful printed bags? It’s not really generation manga, it’s a bit more. Kidrobot is going fashion with handbags. I’d go for a... Read More

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