Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign With Cole Mohr Vs Marc Jacobs BryanBoy

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Marc Jacobs is definitely into blogging! By now you’ve all seen at least one of the images from the upcoming Marc by Marc Jacobs Advertising.

Personally, looking at them I sincerely wondered why I suddenly feel nostalgic regarding Victoria Beckham’s ads for Jacobs.. Like running away from some nightmare… You know I have something against Juergen’s photography style, but this time it’s not just that.

Bryanboy Sunburst Marc Jacobs Bag and Marc Jacobs Personal Note

Going through everyday’s news I found out that Marc Jacobs baptized a bag with a blogger’s name. That, supposedly, after he was photographed backstage at his last catwalk defile with a panel saying he hearts Bryanboy. So, what you just saw above was the Sunburst BB bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Naturally, I got it from Mr Bryanboy’s blog and there I found some pictures pushing me to write about this last advertising campaign from Marc Jacobs.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Ads With Cole Mohr Vs BryanBoy
Marc By Marc Jacobs Ads Cole Mohr Vs BryanBoy Pictures

In case you’re wondering who’s who, left you have Cole Mohr in the Marc by MJ ad and right is BryanBoy in person. Where’s the catch? Could it be that Marc felt so much inspired by this blogger that he decided to do a minor gesture in naming one of his bags after BryanBoy and then send it to him with a personal note? You tell me!

Marc By Marc Jacobs Advertising With Cole Mohr
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