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Barbie And LeSportsac Bags Collection
This is definitely a special time for Barbie. Not only her anniversary has called in for wonderful designers and amazing celebrations, but she seems to... Read More

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How To Turn Your T-Shirt Into A Shoulder Bag
You know I’m loving a good green initiative and I certainly won’t keep the wonderful discovery for myself! There are many ways to show your... Read More

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This Is My Chanel 2.55 Bag!
I’m holding it up, up so you can all see it! Put on your shades, you’ll be needing them! And this is how they make... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan Bags Collection For Ed Hardy
Let’s get the oddness out of the way: Lindsay Lohan is said to be working on a handbags collection with Ed Hardy. Not to complain,... Read More

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Chanel Giant Ivory Pearl Black Bow Evening Bag
Having the Oscars perspective narrowing my critical horizon, I find myself mesmerized by this Giant Pearl Bow Pouch from Chanel. An item as falsely precious... Read More

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Kate Moss For Longchamp. The Bags. The Ads
You may remember Kate Moss from the Longchamp ads. And you may also have heard that Kate Moss went from model to designer for Longchamp... Read More

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Bags, Bags, Bags. The Outnet’s Bags Special Edition
You know those Frizz Inbox goodies we’ve been on for a while? Today it’s Bag day! Though I admit, most of the times I say... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Trash Bag The Most Fashionable Bag For 2010?
You already know how I feel about the fashindustry and how much I love everything around the catwalks. And the following will only help me... Read More

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