Louis Vuitton Quality Issues

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I wonder if they were considering this when they started that awful war against counterfeiting!

On June 5, the Louis Vuitton Store from the Chinese province of Zhejiang closed. And it gets even better! They closed the store because officials from the provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce kinda left them without merchandise. In April an inspection took some product sample and a month later, Louis Vuitton was told that the products were not in accordance with a quality standard (lack of material samples on them). Last week they came and took the other 556 handbags and luggage. So how about that? Do you think it’s related to their decision to offensively fight against counterfeiting?

Louis Vuitton Various Handbags
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#1 Rock.The.Trend. on 06.18.08 at 9:14 am

It’s ridiculous and insane. I mean since when will LOUIS VUITTON a PARISIAN brand not live up to CHINA’s standards? And it’s really harsh, hope they will either return it or do something about it

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#3 jeanneadele on 11.17.08 at 6:16 am

chinese closing a store for… what? can this be correct? to bizaare!

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