Donna Karan Modern Astrology Handbags

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People are calling her hypocrite for her so-called environment and spiritual militating while designing/producing utterly expensive clothes and accessories.

59 years old and talking about soul matters, bags, boots, she manages to have a strangely luxurious life and pretend working for the salvation of the world. At least the spiritual one because her material world is far from being a concern for some time now.
I navigated DK’s page and I didn’t found more than Aries, Libra, Leo, Scorpio and Virgo bags. Why not a full 12 signs collection?

Donna Karan Modern Astrology Bags - Aries

Donna Karan Modern Astrology Bags - Leo
Donna Karan Modern Astrology Bags - Libra
Donna Karan Modern Astrology Bags - Scorpio and Virgo
(telegraph via nymag)

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#1 Adriana on 06.18.08 at 6:11 am

Not that long ago astronomy scientist have found out that theres a 13th planet. I have forgotten the name. This has caused a problem for Astrologists. Am I a Taurus or not? We can’t be sure anymore since there’s that 13th planet Donna! Didn’t you know that?

I don’t like the bags either and I guess they cost a fortune of course? To save the world? Right!

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