Fashionable Reading – The News Clutch Bag

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They say the new technological wonders will absolutely erase the importance of the paper magazine / newspaper. Some find that to be a normal progression, some, on the other hand, still prefer the old fashioned written word printed on paper.

While I tend to be on the hi-tech platform side of things (especially due to environmental issues), my kids, however, have a clear penchant for the paper written word. Especially when it comes with drawings! So we have to keep the paper written word after all! And for those of you who think the same, here’s the News Clutch made of fashion pages from the New York Times and Los Angeles Times covered with soft laminate and turned into a fine clutch. Or a zip purse? Or a tote? Or a bow tie? (no, it’s not because I love bows that I happen to find this bow tie particularly beautiful) (available here; via)

Recycled paper clutch

Recycled journal paper bags

Recycled paper bow tie

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