Turn Your Old Shoes Into New Fancy Shoes With Shoe Clips!

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I was thinking about this for a while and then I remembered I’ve seen it somewhere. Or at least I though I did, in my Inbox (ah! The goodies within!). So I spend a while trying to figure out where this little treasure was hidden and deep, underneath layers and layers of all kind of goodies – filled newsletters and interrogative emails, I found it: ban.do shoe clips!

Regardless of the brand and the occasion (you can tell that the red hearts were especially made for Valentine’s Day), the shoe clips are a wonderful accessory in any wardrobe! And you don’t have to limit yourself to hearts and bows! When it comes to accessorizing, the sky is the limit and you’re only bound by the time you have to be creative! (because I came to find out that creativity needs a lot of time! A loooot of it!) Have you seen these before? Have you thought of one of these yourself? (hit the jump for more)

Bow shaped shoe clips

I always find little treasures in ban.do’s newsletters. They’re one of my favorite girly getaways and a precious source of inspiration for all kind of crazy beautiful little things! The shoe clips are just one of those charming, precious possessions I’d wishlist any day, eyes closed! You may notice, if you visit their lovely website, that the bow ties are out of stock and that the only shoe clips available right now are the sequined hearts (and they cost $25). If you think they work with what you have in your wardrobe, go for them!

shoe clips

However, if you think there’s room for more, do consider making a shoe clip of your own! You can use whatever left fabric you find around the house to do a simple bow and attach it to your shoes using clips or the glue gun (my. favorite. tool. ever!) or check out some of your hair accessories you’re not too fond of anymore, disassembly them and use them as shoe clips – it may sound complicated, but believe me, once you’re digging into it, there’s no way out! You’ll be trapped in this creative vortex and you might just discover that you skipped breakfast, lunch and dinner altogether! But you’ll have a bunch of beautiful shoe clips at the end of the day (wink)! (a quick example of shoe clips diy here; and here; oh, and here too!)

Heart shaped shoe clips

bando shoe clips

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#1 Ellington on 03.07.12 at 8:54 pm

A nice fun and simple way to jazz up one’s shoes. :)

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