Men Must Wear: Bow Ties

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Before this, I only saw one use for bowties: headbands. Every bowtie I could get my hand on, was following the same path, ending somewhere between my untamed curls. But now I think I can see hope for bowties: bowties can be bowties at last! I think they make such cute additions to a special soiree outfit!

For a wedding party, for a fancy cocktail party, for a Brad Goreski – like look, try a bowtie! (and yes, I’m talking to the men reading these lines! Girls have embraced the bowties long before you, clearly!) Just look at the model below – isn’t that bowtie perfectly fitted in the ensemble? (it’s Dolce & Gabbana in case you’re wondering, and yes, they too proclaim the bowtie as reigning trend this fall! About time you try it too, huh?)

What say you girls? Would you put a bowtie on your men?

Men must wear for fall bowties

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