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Barbie Releasing Beautiful And Bald Barbie After All!
So it’s finally happening! Mattel gave in to media pressure and is finally releasing a Beautiful and Bald Barbie Doll! Remember we talked about the... Read More

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Check Out Tokidoki’s Noir Jewelry
I told you I was not very good at wearing jewelry but looking at all kinds of rings, earrings etcetera, I’m always in the mood... Read More

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Barbie William and Kate Wedding Anniversary Dolls
Celebrating the one year Royal Wedding Anniversary mark this year, Barbie issues a special edition dolls: Will and Kate Barbie dolls. Wearing replicas of the... Read More

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Behind Pink Doors: Barbie’s Dream Closet At Lincoln Center
It’s that special time of the year, Fashion’s Christmas, New Year’s and any other celebration in one: Fashion Week! At the Licoln Center, Barbie welcomes... Read More

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Mattel’s Barbie Is Not A Free Doll
As a mother to a wonderful little girl (and her three restless, equally wonderful brothers), I can only say that I was saddened by this... Read More

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Grace Kelly Barbie Doll, Must Have Barbie Of The Moment
With all the Royal Weddings fuss that’s going on right now, is no wonder that Mattel has decided to release a Grace Kelly Barbie Golden... Read More

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Janet Jackson Barbie Doll
With the Holidays season comes the charity season as well. It’s a kind of complimentary season to any season, actually, however it’s more poignant as... Read More

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Have You Seen The New Barbie Video Girl Doll?
Not? Well, it’s really amazing! It’s a classic Barbie Doll with a high-tech twist! It allows you to record videos through her chest-embedded video camera... Read More

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