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More Twilight Barbie Dolls
As the Twilight installments go further on the big screen, Barbie sticks with the teen beloved franchise for the big bucks. It’s either that, or... Read More

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Dolls. The Artistic Way. By Chris Jordan
A day without Barbie is not a happy day! So I’m bringing you the Barbie Doll back (we should have a Barbie/day thing, just like... Read More

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Christian Louboutin’s Anemone Barbie Doll
The last doll in Christian Louboutin’s collection is now officially available. And it’s definitely the most impressive one. Couture wise. In homage to the upcoming... Read More

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Barbie And LeSportsac Bags Collection
This is definitely a special time for Barbie. Not only her anniversary has called in for wonderful designers and amazing celebrations, but she seems to... Read More

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Dolly Forever Barbie By Christian Louboutin
Missed some good ol’ Barbie? I know I did, after that News Anchor new Barbie! Our dear friend Ellington sent me the latest going on... Read More

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Barbie, The Computer Geek. Barbie, The News Anchor
Despite of it not being women’s career of choice, computer engineer Barbie was voted by Barbie fans all over the world as Barbie’s next career... Read More

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The Lady Gaga Barbie Doll
Wherever I turn my head, there’s got to be something about Gaga! This time, it’s the Barbie! Someone’s putting a world of creativity into transforming... Read More

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Amy Winehouse, The Next Barbie Doll?
In a troubled world, the following comes as no surprise. However, I still have my hopes up and dream about a safe world for our... Read More

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