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Barbie’s Year In Paris With Christian Louboutin
Now this is a lovely Barbie piece sent by our friend, Ellington! Thank you, beautiful, for keeping me au courant with Christian Louboutin’s latest adventure!... Read More

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Altered Barbie Hugging The Porcelain
And this, mes très lovelies, is called art! then Vogue Hommes Japan is le plat du jour and Kate Moss the perfect spokesperson! The amazing... Read More

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The Black Barbie Issue, Vogue Italy July 2009
It seems that Summer is the time to shine for Vogue Italy. Last year’s Black Issue was so impressive and successful that this year was... Read More

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Heidi Klum’s Barbie
Having participated at Barbie’s Anniversary should have come as a hint, really! Heidi Klum now presents herself as a Mattel Barbie doll part of the... Read More

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Twilight Dolls And Action Figures
Highly stereotyped and unrecognizably styled, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan make it to the dolls/action figures ranks! This might be a great business opportunity for... Read More

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Piers Atkinson’s Barbie Hats Collection FW 09
It’s the year of the Barbie! If the Kaiser has a mini-me Ken doll besides dressing up the Barbie, we absolutely have to check our... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld Is A Ken Doll!
The Steiff Teddy Bear is soooo last season! Karl Lagerfeld is now a Ken Doll! Barbie’s 50th anniversary also brought this very special Ken-Karl Lagerfeld... Read More

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Aqua Barbie Girl
Every Anniversary should be treated as such. Our friend, Adriana, suggested we do just that with today’s Friday Break: Aqua Barbie Girl. Highly contagious due... Read More

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