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Corian Loves Missoni Milan 2008
I always loved Missoni. I don’t know why, no matter the trend, Missoni has a strange way of hanging in there. Very IN. It looks... Read More

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Bruno Torfs Fantasy Sculpture Garden Tour
Who is Bruno Torf? He’s an artist, born in South America and moved to Australia after traveling Europe up and down, wanting to bring his... Read More

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Behind the Surface Underwater Photography Project
Beauty comes from the inside. But what if, this time, it would come from deep under…water? This photography project is signed by Nadia Moro and... Read More

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Haute Paper Couture – Jennifer Collier Garments
Many designers work over their heads to create something original. White nights and stressful seasons to create daring patterns and innovative accessories. Some work with... Read More

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Sweeten Up Your Sleep With Candy Pillows
For $55 you can sleep on a candy pillow. Or a chocolate pillow. Or cake pillow. It’s like you were sleeping on your favorite menu... Read More

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The Transformable Sofa
What do you do when you’re having a crowded house? You’re being inventive over every inch of space available. I know I am! With toddlers... Read More

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Kathleen Dustin’s Original Evening Bags Too Daring?
Kathleen Dustin beats Prada’s Trembled Blossoms by far! Working with polimer, taming her artistic visions and an unknown material, Kathleen Dustin has managed some impressive... Read More

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Oh, that Monogramouflage!
And it’s officially out! The new Monogramouflage from Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami looks like this. Have to say I’d expected something little less on... Read More

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