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Vanity Fair Portraits: 1913-2008
London’s National Portrait Gallery is hosting up until May 26th a special retrospective: “Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913-2008,” celebrates 95th anniversary in celebrity portraiture and... Read More

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Virtual Shoe Museum – The Creepy Extreme Section
If you thought you’ve seen it all in fashion and gorgeous and ugly are no strangers to you, well, think again! The selection below is... Read More

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Chanel Mobile Art
Chanel cruises the world. From Hong Kong to Tokyo, New York and London, Moscow and Paris, the Chanel Art Container is set to take over... Read More

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Solve Sundsbo Invitation à la danse
When looking around for something interesting I was just mesmerized by these pictures and the only thought I had was to share with you. It’s... Read More

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Stylish Gadgets – Alessi Pop-Up Bottle Opener
If you’re not familiar with Alessi’s work, than you don’t really know what you’re in for! I’m a fan (even if I don’t really own... Read More

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Betsey Johnson Pink Barbie Home: Eeew!
When I grow up, I promise I won’t get a house like that! It’s far an understatement to say that it’s a pink nightmare! These... Read More

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The Amazing Nautilus Shell House
Now that’s a post V-Day Miracle! One that can be spawned only by love. Love for art, love for architecture. You know I can’t help... Read More

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Style your Window with a Better View Curtain
Every now and then I find some home-detail that I have to share with you! Because it’s surprising or because it will simply change the... Read More

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