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How To Perfectly Range Your Clothes
And turn it into a masterpiece of modern art? Derick Melander’s Flesh of my Flesh could be your source of inspiration! A floor to ceiling... Read More

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Urban Tree House
You know I fall completely for unexpected urban (art) beauty! I just can’t help it! It’s our jungle, let’s feel ourselves blessed whenever there’s more... Read More

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Kate Moss Self Portrait In Blood And Lipstick!
Who needs blood when you’ve got lipstick? Now that’s an artsy phrase wrote for our very dearest fashionista, Kate Moss! And it’s not just a... Read More

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Marketing Goes Incredible With Creative Bus Stops
It’s been a while since waiting the perfect moment to show you these bus stops. I was saving it for a special occasion. That didn’t... Read More

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Sunglasses Go With Everything!
If your imagination bounds you to the classical way of wearing sunglasses, artists have thought about some others… And this is another way of taking... Read More

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Gualti Unusual Jewelry
My open minded self gave in to my safe-thinking self when looking at these creations. I couldn’t help imagining that my kids will be physically... Read More

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Guerilla Shoe Shop Boxes Concept
It’s only normal to ask yourself if a new product will work. Especially when dealing with concepts. And this one is freshly out from TFH... Read More

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Haute Couture Mass Destruction – Peter Gronquist’s Revolution Will Be Fabulous Exhibition
Remember that Monogramouflage madness? Well, I just found the perfect match! I just can’t get enough of it, in fact! It’s so derisory, it’s so... Read More

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