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The New Speech And Writing Style
That’s one piece of story I wish I could say “look what I found!” about, out loud and jumping up and down like a child... Read More

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Benefit Benetint Lip Gloss Contains High Amounts Of Lead
How many products in your makeup kit are without harmful components? We talked about this in the past and here I am, pointing out again,... Read More

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What Decimates Bees?
All fashion issues and Red Carpet buzz aside, I’m guessing you might have heard about the Bees Issue. It has become a very sensitive matter... Read More

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Victoria’s Secret Destroy Policy
Remember how we felt last year after the news about H & M destroying their unsold merchandise? And how the brand itself repositioned itself and... Read More

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Katy Perry As Kanye West’s E.T. And The New Love Fashion
Where did this came from? Outer space! Joking! No, I’ll tell you: one beautiful morning, I was checking my Inbox and found a precious goodie... Read More

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Crystal Renn’s Weight – We Can’t Get Enough Of
All that time has passed, can you believe people are still talking about Crystal Renn’s weight? It’s unbelievable, even for the fashion industry. They just... Read More

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Symmetry Style
As the Earth Day approaches, I thought you might appreciate the following video. There’s something about it, above the new Kate Moss level of new-found... Read More

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J. Crew And The Boys Pedicure Issue
We’re no strangers to lil’ boys pedicure, are we? In fact, we’ve discussed it before and we pretty much agreed that it was slightly over... Read More

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