J. Crew And The Boys Pedicure Issue

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We’re no strangers to lil’ boys pedicure, are we? In fact, we’ve discussed it before and we pretty much agreed that it was slightly over the limit we’re wiling to cross when it comes to our youngsters.

The latest in the boys toenails painting line comes, surprisingly, from J. Crew. It’s a brand I admire and love to wear. However, with their latest catalog, one of the pages raised my eyebrows high, questioning the reasoning behind it. It’s about designer Jenna Lyons and her picks. Amongst which, a fuchsia nail lacquer she demonstrates on her son pedicure. Little boy. Wearing nail polish. Bright pink. umm… I’m puzzled! (others were bitter and menacing; see the image for yourself here; via)

Boys pedicure


#1 mdinah on 04.15.11 at 5:59 am

if it was a little girl playing with a fake mustache would you raise your eyebrows as well?

#2 kpriss on 04.15.11 at 6:15 am

Because fake mustaches and nail polish can be compared? Nah, I think (though I’m sure I’m getting myself head over heels into controversy’s hungry mouth), psychologically, it’s really hard to determine whether a child has gay predispositions at such a young age. Thus, I think parents are responsible for misguiding, if such is the case, of their kids affinities.

I’m sorry if this comes across as offending, it’s my parent opinion, more than anything, and I think kids shouldn’t be pawns in this kind of important matters.

#3 mdinah on 04.15.11 at 8:10 am

not offending at all. sweet as always:-)
Perhaps to the extend that both(mustache/nail polish) are being used as instruments to “blur” gender we can compare them.
Let me make one point clear: I am the first one who think that men must be masculine. Feminine guys are a turn off for me.But , here the things are being taking out of proportion. its just a little boy WITH HIS MOTHER. its just a game.
The real point why Fox is so angered isn’t about blurring gender lines:” it’s about making our sons into little sissies or wussies or whatever homophobic/misogynistic end product these idiots fear. Nobody gives a sh*t when a little girl plays with boys stuff, because its like an upgrade for them. It’s only bad when boys do girls stuff, because being a girl is looked down upon by our society.”(I am using somebody else’s words).
I dont understand your point in: “whether a child has gay predispositions at such a …” I NEVER wore womens clothes and NEVER wore make up in my entire life and I am gay.My brother wore a woman dress as a costume when young and he is straight as an arrow.

#4 kpriss on 04.15.11 at 9:55 am

It’s true, in some points, so true it hurts! My baby girl plays with her brothers’ cars and even though we don’t approve of this, we don’t see it as a negative conduct. However, when her brothers tend to her dolls, we pretty much frown and tell them it’s their sister’s dolls, and that they should continue doing whatever they were doing with their construction games and cars.

I was biased and narrowed by Fox’s tirade instead of using my own experience to see the real deal. I will think about what you said and adjust my opinions as such in the original text. It’s a great feedback, thanks for helping me see things clear(er). :)

#5 Ellington on 04.15.11 at 5:11 pm

When it is little children and they wish to paint their toe nails I say let them. It comes off and really who cares.
But for those who are really bothered and upset there is the book called “My Princess Boy” about a 4 year old boy who likes traditional girl things.

Children like and love bright colours and if they say they like them and if a child sees their mother painting their nails and they would like it too, why not?
There is no harm done and I do doubt that will be the ultimate decider of their sexuality.

#6 ajginger on 04.16.11 at 8:32 am

I don’t see here a problem either. As for mdinah’s comment. I recognize that. All these tough straight men I know who love to dress up like women at carnivals and bachelor parties e.g. Ja,ja, ja…:)

Kpriss, what I can not agree with is parents that dyes their young children hair. That can’t be undone. Yes, of course in the long run but not as this nail lacquer; some remover and it’s gone.

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