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Candice Swanepoel Looking Great With Curly Hair
More famous for her unusually thin waist, Candice Swanepoel is holding the fashion front chin up, piling up on magazine pictorials and glamorous ad campaigns.... Read More

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Dare To Wear A Necklace In Your Hair Like Sarah Jessica Parker?
Notoriously recognized as one of the most courageous and stylish trendsetters, Sarah Jessica Parker was recently photographed at a horse competition event wearing a less... Read More

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Olivia Wilde Is A Revlon Ambassador
Although the pictures available don’t clearly state what product she’ll be representing, one thing is certain: Olivia Wilde is the new Revlon ambassador in town!... Read More

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Kate Winslet’s Harper’s Bazaar Confirms The Bob Hair Style Trend
Just a quick reminder to all of you out there still not knowing what hairstyle is most fashionable this season: Kate Winslet did a Harper’s... Read More

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Easy How To Hairstyles
Remember we talked about this hairstyle situation a while back? I was concerned about personal style issues and, as always, I had a (hidden) conflict... Read More

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2011 Emmy Awards Hairstyle: The Bob
If there’s one hairstyle you can’t do without on the Red Carpet, it’s the Bob. The 2011 Emmy Awards showcased the versatile hairdo in so... Read More

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Artistic Hair. Slow Motion Things To Do With Your Hair
It’s the weekend! Yay! (have you though about a song to end up this week already? I haven’t got anything special in my mind right... Read More

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Heidi Klum’s Boys Now Sport Mohawks
If you’re familiar with Heidi Klum, even a little bit, there’s one other thing to know about her, aside from her being a gorgeous supermodel:... Read More

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