Heidi Klum’s Boys Now Sport Mohawks

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If you’re familiar with Heidi Klum, even a little bit, there’s one other thing to know about her, aside from her being a gorgeous supermodel: she’s also a supermom. Mother of four, Heidi Klum, shared her hair secrets. And this time, she’s not talking about her hair, but the hair of her kids!

Especially of her three youngest: Henry, Johan and Lou. Heidi said: never brush the curly hair when it’s dry because it’ll frizz! Heidi said: go see a hairdresser who really knows how to cut and style curly hair! Heidi sais: use conditioner and detangler! And finally, Heidi said: give in to your kids needs to express themselves – cut off their hair if that’s what they want to!

It is yet unknown if Henry and Johan took after Gwen Stefani’s boys, however, Heidi’s boys now sport Mohawks! Cute, huh? (via)

Heidi Klum s boys

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