Dare To Wear A Necklace In Your Hair Like Sarah Jessica Parker?

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Notoriously recognized as one of the most courageous and stylish trendsetters, Sarah Jessica Parker was recently photographed at a horse competition event wearing a less common hair accessory.

And we know she likes her hair accessories big and interesting, don’t we? However, this last one doesn’t look like a classical Philip Treacy to me! Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing a hair piece strikingly similar to a necklace! Or a tiara on the side. It’s hard to classify it as I’m not really familiar with this kind of hair accessory. Hit the jump for more!

Sarah Jessica Parker headpiece necklace

On the other hand, it appears to be a real trend going with necklaces worn as hair accessories – think Lady Gaga at the MTV Video Music Awards this year and some more necklaces worn as headbands I came across looking around for more on the matter (some pieces come from Dauphines Of New York, some are of unknown origin). I’m asking you straight up if you’re into this bling your hair thing because as far as I’m concerned I think I’m still stuck with the bows (wink)!

the new must have hairpiece hair necklaces

Jewelry For Your Hair Dauphines New York necklace headbands

Lady Gaga wearing jewelry in her hair

Dauphines of New York collection Dauphines of New York headpiece Hair jewelry Dauphines of New York


#1 Ellington on 11.07.11 at 11:37 am

I really do like Sarah Jessica Parker, and the way she styles herself. She always looks like she is having fun with what she is wearing, and I do not find her to be trendy but stylish! I love this necklace in her hair. It reminds me a bit of when Diana Princess of Wales wore that choker as a headband rather than around her neck. : )

Lady Gaga does not interest me what so ever. For me she is simply a cartoon come to life.

#2 Dollybird on 11.07.11 at 5:00 pm

Well if a celeb wore chaines or brooches in her hair it would seem adventurous or a fashion statement but on ordinary Janes like me people would stare & think I’m an oddball or a boho with a small goat farm who makes and sells cheese at the Sunday market. Sorry not for me. I’ll stick with bows too thank you very much.

#3 kpriss on 11.07.11 at 10:07 pm

You’re right, Ellington, it does remind a bit of graceful Diana wearing her choker as headbands!

As for SJP I always wondered if it is she who really chooses her outfits or someone really faithful and close to her helping her! Either way, she always looks like she’s having fun – I think it’s the smile – if she’d put on a serious face, drama will ensue.

Oh, Gaga – the very image of our society – wrapping is everything! More flamboyantly you dress something up, more it will get attention! Put Gaga in ordinary clothes and people will stop buying her records. I think it’s rather sad for her.

DollyBird you’re way more than a regular Jane, you know that! :* – I have a giant bow that I wear every now and then and I notice people looking at me like “whaaaa?” – I’m not such a jewelry person and maybe that’s why it’s not simple for me to imagine dazzling my hair like that – whereas a scarf can always make a nifty headband or a bow ;)

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