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Perez Hilton Clothing Line – Once A Gossip Blogger Now A Designer!
I sincerely thought Katie’s blue and red number from the Met Gala was the worst news of the week. Oh, how I was wrong! The... Read More

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Tilda Swinton In Prada At Met Gala
Tilda, darling, I’m looking deep in your golden haloed eyes and I still don’t feel convinced to not run and hide when I lower my... Read More

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen In Diane Von Furstenberg At The Met Gala
Meet the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in Met’s Version : The Good – Diane Von Furstenberg ,the good designer who thought her dresses... Read More

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Katie Holmes In Armani At The Met Costume Institute Gala
You know, Katie, when someone’s dressing you up, doesn’t mean you have to put up to all he/she wants! Par exemple this red dress you’re... Read More

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Victoria Beckham In Armani At The Met Gala
If this wasn’t announced, I could’ve swear she had an interior decoration rage and decided to change all in the house, beginning with the curtains... Read More

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Alicia Keys Late Show Fit Outfit
How fit is too fit? Looking at this grey dress I got a claustrophobic feeling and asked myself how could one wear a glove-fit dress... Read More

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How To Not Wear Your Blue Jean
For $88 you can get this outrageously bad taste jean in your wardrobe. And you can even dispose of it how you please – cut... Read More

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Chloë Sevigny Uniqlo Ad Campaign Unleashed
A while back I let you know that there was going to be another Chloë Sevigny involvement in the fashion world – the UT Uniqlo... Read More

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