Chloë Sevigny Uniqlo Ad Campaign Unleashed

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A while back I let you know that there was going to be another Chloë Sevigny involvement in the fashion world – the UT Uniqlo Project.

Well, it’s released! And it looks at least outrageous (not that I would have expected less of her). La Sevigny poses like she’s struck by some gastro-trouble or touched by some love misery.

Chloe Sevigny Uniqlo Ads
Chloe Sevigny Uniqlo Project

Either way, the pose that’s saying all by itself is the one with the white t-shirt where she shows not “the finger” but both of those mythical middle fingers.

Like she’s sending this “you’re bugging me!” message to all of you watching these advertising photos right now! All polite, this cute little blonde button!

What’s wrong with you, woman? Can’t your big head understand you’re making too much fuss of your fashion-self?

(via vogue, uniqlo)


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