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Celine Dion Channels Her Inner Ballerina For Vancouver Concert
Celine unleashes her inner ballerina once again. This time for a stage appearance at a Vancouver concert. (I guess when you have such a strong... Read More

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Christina Aguilera’s Pucci Kaleidoscope Disaster
I wonder if this girl can get any louder! I was rather impressed with her pre- and during pregnancy retro-glam style, but it’s long gone... Read More

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Meet Agyness Deyn, A Walking Fashion Disaster!
If you tell me this girl can pull anything and still look every inch a beauty and style icon, think again after looking at this... Read More

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Keira Knightley Flat Grey Dress The Duchess Premiere Toronto
This doesn’t even dignify as a fashion disaster. It’s a silhouette disaster. How does anyone choose its outfits? Function to what it’s fitting and flattering... Read More

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Claire Danes Venice Valentino Disaster
When I saw Claire Danes in Stardust I was most amazed (not necessarily because of Claire’s acting skills but because the movie had a lovely... Read More

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Solange Knowles’ Furry Disaster
I wonder if Beyonce herself is managing her sister’s career because Solange Knowles looks every inch her older sister, slimmer and sweeter, but still worryingly... Read More

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Kirsten Dunst Palm Springs Gray Disaster
I usually love laid back, relaxed outfits. Getting dressed like you were spending 10 seconds choosing your clothes it’s really an art (even if you... Read More

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Mary Kate Olsen’s Radiohead Disaster
When you hear that less is more, it doesn’t mean lesser clothes you put on you, more style you’ll struck. Mary Kate Olsen’s Radiohead concert’s... Read More

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