How To Not Wear Your Blue Jean

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For $88 you can get this outrageously bad taste jean in your wardrobe. And you can even dispose of it how you please – cut it in little tiny pieces just because it’s so ugly or by all means, wear it (at least please have the decency to wear it at night or with something covering it at least knee-length!).

Made by Sanna’s Brazil Fashion, the jean is called “bijini” and I find it completely appalling. I don’t understand how someone could actually launch something like that on the market. I can hardly put it under “fashion disaster“, it should have a “don’t wear unless you’re a Spice Girl in concert” tag allover!

Bikini Blue Jeans
(via inventorspot)


#1 Sandra C. on 05.22.08 at 7:25 pm

OMG! Shame on Brazil. I’m ashamed myself.

#2 Victoria Laza on 11.29.08 at 4:06 pm

They look incredibly cute in the photos, but if anyone were to wear them in real life men would pull over in their vehicles and ask them: “You working tonight?”


#3 Jay on 09.01.10 at 10:54 am

To me they look less like a bikini/jean hybrid and more like overalls for your hips.

An even better reason to never wear them. Ever.

#4 Ellington on 09.01.10 at 3:02 pm

Lord love a duck!! Stripper Jeans!
These jeans are reprehensible!

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