Alicia Keys Late Show Fit Outfit

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How fit is too fit? Looking at this grey dress I got a claustrophobic feeling and asked myself how could one wear a glove-fit dress without making it too obvious.

Alicia Keys curvy body got a dress so tight, it looks like a second skin. With thong. Now that’s a daring outfit to promote one’s album! Kylie should have a talk with this curvy young lady, who knows, maybe that Geisha thing will melt into something more… bodylicious…However, the question still remains – how can you wear such a tight dress without making it in the fashion disaster column?

Alicia Keys Fit Grey Dress for The Late Show
(photos via celebutopia)


#1 Adriana on 04.30.08 at 5:05 pm

Oh gosh, how a dress can make a lovely looking lady as Alicia trashy. Her breasts looks weird, the string shows and I feel itchy all over….brrrrrr….I believe Alicia feels not very comfortable herself, see her plucking on that dress….

#2 kpriss on 05.03.08 at 5:15 am

At least the shoes save the day ;)

#3 Sandra C. on 05.22.08 at 7:22 pm

Jesus! =))

#4 Publius187 on 10.23.08 at 7:21 pm

Looking gooooood!!!

#5 shannya on 10.28.08 at 8:57 pm

Holy God. No.. definitely not one of Alicia’s flattering ensembles.. Now now, we all know she can do better than that. Sue the stylist, sista!!

#6 Nana on 02.22.09 at 12:07 pm

I love those shoes……..and grey is not always bad. Dress is not the most successful but the color brights her up.

#7 Jorge on 02.28.09 at 10:39 am

me interra , my lord!!!!
i wanna dier!!! ke ke era akilo!
my wife!!! se deus me fissese americano…aiai sonho meu vai buscar ke mora longe sonho meu*

#8 Jessica on 05.28.09 at 1:51 am

It would have been mutch more nicer if it came up a little shorter.
And for her to most deff. wear a brah next time! Or get a better one.
And I am in love with her heals.

#9 kpriss on 05.28.09 at 11:06 am

Those shoes sure look lovely! But the (lack of) bra and the too obvious tong ruin it magna cum laudae!

#10 adude on 08.05.09 at 8:39 am

Love Alicia, think she is the hottest woman on earth, but i gotta say, she’s never had a great set of breasts (not that it matters, she’s stunning) but you know…you would assume you’d stear clear of a dress like that if you don’t have a set to go with it…know what i’m sayen?

just the honest opinion of a dude who things this woman is everything a woman should be.

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