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Karl Lagerfeld And Baptiste Giabiconi Do St Tropez
Now this is so wrong, in so many ways, I can’t find the resources to make it funny. Karl Lagerfeld introduced young Baptiste Giabiconi to... Read More

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Chris Evans Is Gucci Guilty Too
Now in case you were wondering who was the other half of the Gucci Guilty couple – it’s Chris Evans! (usually they cast anonymous male... Read More

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Marc Jacobs Interviewed By Calvin Klein For Harper’s Bazaar
What do we get when two designers meet? At the very best, a fruitful collaboration full of unexpected sartorial twists and turns. However, when the... Read More

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Have You Seen Nicolas Ghesquiere’s Paris Apartment?
Are you, like me, eternally fascinated by what inspires a designer to do what he/she does? There’s something so magical about a designer’s home, I... Read More

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Designers Manicure
Have you had time to experiment with the latest zipper manicure? Because it’s already soooooo last week! Get ready for the designers manicure now! It... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld Takes His Summer Wardrobe To Town
Karl Lagerfeld takes his uberglam persona and his white summer wardrobe out for a walk in St Tropez. Besides the naval-themed outfit (with the navy... Read More

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Visionaire. Lee Alexander McQueen
This tribute imagined by Visionaire to honor Alexander McQueen’s creativity and talent is so appropriate and artsy, I can’t help but dreaming at it with... Read More

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Most Fashionable Swimsuit Comme Des Garcons Speedos
What would there be, at the end of the day, for couture houses, if it weren’t for the mass retail business? A little collaboration here,... Read More

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