Most Fashionable Swimsuit Comme Des Garcons Speedos

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What would there be, at the end of the day, for couture houses, if it weren’t for the mass retail business? A little collaboration here, a small design feature there, it’s about spicing up the market.

Speedo and Comme des Garcons latest collaboration feature the Tie Dye and the Logo Script are supposedly inspiring for the swimmer. The watery CDG Play collection is not a first for Speedo – they started working with Comme des Garcons in 2006 and it has proven to be a success. Now since the swimsuits seem to no longer be available on the official website, would it be their impolite manner to signal a complete sellout? I was thinking it was more appropriate to mark the product as “sold out” rather than hash them out completely, right? (Speedo via Dyb)

Comme des Garcons Speedo swimsuits

Comme des Garcons Speedos swimsuit collection

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#1 Ellington on 08.03.10 at 11:11 am

Very stylish, very nice! : )

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