Angelina Jolie at Beowulf Premiere in London

Remember good old times? Remember Angelina impersonating everybody’s cyber darling- Lara Croft? Well, those good old days are long gone! At the recent Beowulf premiere in London, a skinny-looking Angelina showed off her lack of curves.

angelina jolie billy bob thornton angelina jolie brad pitt beowulf premiere london angelina jolie kissing brad pitt at beowulf premiere london

Remember we used to think about a new baby bump? We’re not totally off that! It’s just that we found this outfit more outrageous talking about than a new natural born child in the Brangelina couple.

angelina jolie beowulf premiere london angelina jolie beowulf premiere london 1

Yes, we all know, dear, you love dressing in black. Yes, we all see, you are so skinny! And YES! We know you and Brad Pitt are together. What we just cannot figure out is why if you do not accept a stylist telling you what to wear, at least you don’t take advices from what once was a very stylish Brad Pitt.. Since he’s already there with you..

So? What do you say about this last Beowulf Premiere red carpet appearance (hoping you didn’t already forgot the first Angelina’s Outfit at the Beowulf Premiere!)?

Do you like Angelina's outfit ?

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Paris Hilton Watches

We were all used to watching Paris Hilton – well, now she watches us ! With her new line in four versions : Snow White, Pink is Love, Cotton Candy and Canary, all set with 1026 diamonds, six sapphire crystals on the gold pave dial. The watches have one Swiss automatic movement and four Swiss quartz movements strapped with an alligator strap.

Paris Hilton Watches Pink Paris Hilton Watches 1 Paris Hilton Watches 2

Find them any interesting?

Elizabeth Arden and Rocawear

Elizabeth Arden and Iconix Brand Group, the parent company of Jay-Z’s Rocawear brand signed in for a new Rocawear fragrance due sometime in 2008, the first from a line of men’s and women’s fragrances, cosmetics, and skincare products. The Arden Giant is also known for Mariah Carey M Perfume, frangrances from Elizabeth Taylor and Hilary Duff.

Mariah Carey Arden Jay Z Rocawear Elizabeth Arden Hilary Duff Arden

Jay-Z stated for the press: “We are excited to partner with an industry giant such as Elizabeth Arden (…) The combination of their expertise in fragrance and our ability to affect popular culture will produce some incredible products and breathe excitement into the category.”

VIP Streetstyle

We’re not all running errands in Hollywood High , but that won’t stop us from being stylish. Let’s take a sneak peak at some of the famous beauties :

Halle Berry Streetwear Mena Suvari Streetwear Hilary Duff Streetwear

Let’s start with Halle Berry : comfortable silver flat tongs, a black casual dress and the Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Silver Bag. Mena Suvari took trends seriously : bangs, large straight jeans, an over-sized sweater, and a large red shopper. Hilary Duff and her rock-attitude : two tanks classically chosen black&white, a straight leg jean to change the skinny mania, brown boots and a black tote.

Can we manage all that VIP street-wear?

Jessica Simpson’s Shoes and Bags Line at Macy’s

Seems like the pop princess-actress is going to change again. This time only, into a fashion designer – shoes and bags wearing Jessica’s Simpson signature were just released at Macy’s.

Jessica Simpson bags Jessica simpson’s line at macy’s

Let’s take a look :

Jessica Simpson’s dawson shopper handbag jessica simpson’s durango bucket handbag jessica simpson josette peep toe

jessica simpson dafa shoe jessica simpson gafna boot jessica simpson joshua boot

Looking more like high street fashion models. What do you think. Already tried them?

YSL Bags 2007/2008 Collection

Giving we already brought you Yves Saint Laurent Double Bag, it’s only fair that we update . Here are some of the latest models appearing in the Fall/Winter 2007/2008 YSL Bags Collection:

ysl downtown bag

ysl downtown muse bag

ysl pochette mombasa bag

And few of the fans :

jessica alba ysl muse jessica simpson ysl mombasa bag kylie minogue ysl downtown bag

Jessica Alba carrying the Ysl Muse Bag, Jessica Simpson the Mombasa Bag and Kylie Minogue the Downtown Bag.

…to be continued

Fashionable Mulberry Bags

A 35y-old brand has gained the vip ticket – Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and latest Kate Bosworth fancy the very expensive handbags.

Six years ago, the maison was not hip at all – in fact, the multimillionaire Singapore fashion entrepreneur Christina Ong became interested in revealing the Mulberry name and products to the world in a global expansion plan (beginning, of course, with Bergdorf Goodman).

Mulberry Bags Mulberry mini mabel mulberry emmy bag

Kate Moss mulberry mabel Kate bosworth mulberry Kate bosworth mulberry 2

What about you? Ready to get a Mulberry customized only for you?

Celebrities Short on Party Dresses

Now, now, we are not mean or anything, but we’re trying our best to look just at least as some super hot celebrities on the red carpet. So what are we supposed to do when this happens :

jessica simpson

At a recent event, Jessica Simpson and Deborah Norville (the newscaster) both wore the same outfit – a wild print dress from Michael Kors (at app 1600$).

hayden panettiere jane seymour

Two separates occasions (also in time and space) – Hayden Panettiere at an event in september and Jane Seymour at a premiere – same dress signed by Dina Bar-El (at app 500$).

mandy moore halle berry

Two premieres – Mandy Moore at Dedication and Halle Berry at What We Lost in the Fire – same Dolce & Gabbana dress.

mischa barton jennifer lopez

The same Temperley London ‘Mini Pegasus’ Dress (at app. 2500$) both in Mischa Barton and Jennifer Lopez.

As we said before, we’re not pointing only the obvious fact that some celebrities stylists are either practically joking at their very famous and rich clients expense, either there’s a new wave hitting the famous : women who want to dress like young girls and young girls who want to look older.

You be the judge of it – casualty or elder/younger wannabes?