Fashionable Mulberry Bags

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A 35y-old brand has gained the vip ticket – Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and latest Kate Bosworth fancy the very expensive handbags.

Six years ago, the maison was not hip at all – in fact, the multimillionaire Singapore fashion entrepreneur Christina Ong became interested in revealing the Mulberry name and products to the world in a global expansion plan (beginning, of course, with Bergdorf Goodman).

Mulberry Bags Mulberry mini mabel mulberry emmy bag

Kate Moss mulberry mabel Kate bosworth mulberry Kate bosworth mulberry 2

What about you? Ready to get a Mulberry customized only for you?

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#1 Replica Designer Handbags on 06.13.09 at 8:25 pm

The Mulberry is so great,if i can i want to ahve a Mulberry customized only for myself.

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