Angelina Jolie at Beowulf Premiere in London

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Remember good old times? Remember Angelina impersonating everybody’s cyber darling- Lara Croft? Well, those good old days are long gone! At the recent Beowulf premiere in London, a skinny-looking Angelina showed off her lack of curves.

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Remember we used to think about a new baby bump? We’re not totally off that! It’s just that we found this outfit more outrageous talking about than a new natural born child in the Brangelina couple.

angelina jolie beowulf premiere london angelina jolie beowulf premiere london 1

Yes, we all know, dear, you love dressing in black. Yes, we all see, you are so skinny! And YES! We know you and Brad Pitt are together. What we just cannot figure out is why if you do not accept a stylist telling you what to wear, at least you don’t take advices from what once was a very stylish Brad Pitt.. Since he’s already there with you..

So? What do you say about this last Beowulf Premiere red carpet appearance (hoping you didn’t already forgot the first Angelina’s Outfit at the Beowulf Premiere!)?

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I need (( ANGELINA )) Photo or Vedio every day

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