Disney Fashion For The Holiday Season: Harrods Vs Barney’s

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Everyone wants a piece of Disney inspiration this Christmas. If any other advertising fails, rooting back to your fairy tale childhood will most certainly transcend through the harshest of recessions. At least that’s my perspective of retailers takes on Disney Princesses this Holiday Season.

After Barney’s most controversial (for nothing) Disney Classics campaign moment, here’s yet another department store – equally iconic – Harrods who’s pushing the Disney fashion envelope. The story continues after the jump, click here for the gallery!

Disney Jasmine wearing Escada for Harrods

Pocahontas couture Disney Harrods

I admit I’m forever fascinated by Disney Princesses. For so many reasons. One: they rocked my childhood. Fairy tales enchanted me when I was young and I devoured the fantastic adventures letter after letter. Reading the books to my children brings me back to that imaginary heavenly land each and every time and I’m guessing marketing people are humans after all and they must be under the same fairy tale spell like the rest of us. For financial reasons.

Below you have Barney’s elaborate Disney campaign as well and the pictures of the less glamorous Bergdorfs campaign. Which one appeals the most to your inner customer?

Snow White couture Belle Disney Princesses Harrods Fashion for Disney Princesses Harrods Disney Princesses Rapunzel Aurora Harrods

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#1 Ellington on 12.04.12 at 8:27 pm

I like the Harrod’s Disney better than the Barney’s Disney.
It was nifty to see the Disney Princesses interpreted in ‘real life’.
The Barney’s Disney was cute until the did the modelizing of the various characters. I did not care for that.
One felt European and the other felt very American.

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