Quick Last Minute Halloween Costumes Guide

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If your Halloween inspiration was ravaged by Sandy, here’s a little help putting it all back together! Hanging Rock Comics drawings of this useful Last Minute Halloween Costumes guide reminding you that, above all, it’s about fun and every little resource matters in creating the right look. I was actually looking for another pair of gorgeous boots (on Jeffrey Campbell’s blog) and found this fun drawings sheet. On Halloween. Do you really believe in coincidences?

Some items may be harder to get (Lisa Simpson’s Sax or Lloyd Dobbler’s Boobox) but awe can all manage to scoop a skateboard (for Bart Simpson’s costume), a broom and a hat (for Sabrina the Teenager Witch’s costume). And if all that fails and you just don’t feel this Halloween, just go ahead dressed as yourself, you’re party killer enough as it is! (wink) Happy Halloween, everyone!

Quick last minute Halloween costume guide

useful Halloween costumes guide

Halloween costumes quick ideas

great last minute Halloween costumes drawings

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