9 Party Hair Styles For Your Seasonal Party Inspiration!

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With Thanksgiving already behind us, it’s time to start building the Holiday Season parties wardrobe, huh? And what about the hair? Anything particular in mind? Maybe I can help?

The lovely Natasha Poly shows us (photographed by Satoshi Saikusa in Madame Figaro France) that you can definitely pull of more than just one hairstyle all in using the hair we already have, without adding extensions or whatnots. Not that I would mind funky ‘whatnots’ like feathers or colorful strings of hair… But you have to be extra careful when adding statement pieces like that in your hair. You have to be sure they fit in the general look and they don’t get all the attention. After all, you’re not going through all the pain of wearing high heels if people would only stare at your hair, would you?

But that’s another story, let’s concentrate on the 9 party hairstyles here… I’ll start with:
{1} curly hair. Because I’m subjectively partial to this hair, especially since it comes naturally for me. Don’t forget about curly hair, ladies! You can always say you’re loving the 80s throwback, not that it’s your natural out-of-the-shower lovely head!

curly hairdo Natasha Poly Madame Figaro

{2} big pin up waves. Because it’s a classic and you know you always secretly dreamed of looking like a pin up – a party is a perfect pretext to do just that!

big pin up hair Natasha Poly Madame Figaro

{3} Brigitte Bardot – mid part big hair. Because la Bardot is such an overwhelmingly influential character, maybe some of that magic will pass on you if you wear the right hair?

Bardot hairdo Natasha Poly Madame Figaro

{4} the fringe messy bun. Because your hairstylist had to go out of town and how you’re a ballerina bun enthusiast, you couldn’t think of anything better but to do a spin off of your regular messy bun. Your hairstylist would definitely be jealous!

messy bun fringe hairdo Natasha Poly Madame Figaro

{5} the slick, all pulled back pony tail. Because you want people to concentrate on your flawless makeup and lips.(that and you couldn’t find the right hairstyle to wear!)

pulled back hair Natasha Poly Madame Figaro

{6} the shower hair. Because, honestly, you just don’t care! (and shower hair is such a big trend, if anyone asks…)

shower hair Natasha Poly Madame Figaro

{7} the pony tail punk fringe. Because you twisted and turned that pony tail around until you just didn’t want to see it anymore! (and you’re such a big punk at heart, anyway)

punk fringe Natasha Poly Madame Figaro

{8} the sling back waves. Because you went for the Brigitte Bardot thing but you chickened out half way up…

swept back waby hair Natasha Poly Madame Figaro

{9} the static hair. Because your charm is electrifying, of course!

messy hairdo static Natasha Poly Madame Figaro

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