How To Restyle Your Man In 5 Easy Steps

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I was doing some reading today and I suddenly realized that this is something we didn’t really talk about. Did we? Not since those sweet old times when our dear friend, Ellington, suggested I should start writing about some Men of Style also (wink) – which I did. Every now and then.

But you see, thing is that I’m so head over heels with my Adored Husband that the ‘men’ talk for me is pretty hard to bring on because movies aside, I don’t notice any men. Other than my better half. However! What I can do, is share from my experience. And that is what this new story about Men of Style is! About Your Men of Style! Because, my dahlings, just as we have the fashion gene in our DNA, so do our Men! They just keep it well hidden, waiting for the right moment to pop! So here’s how you could revamp/fashion up /restyle your Men’s look in 5 easy steps! (take it easy, though! You don’t need to move mountains to find his inner fashionist!)

{1.}Find his comfort zone and think about what he needs to wear for his daily routines! You won’t have your Man wear floral shirts if he’s to hide away in a cubicle all day long. It will only frustrate his inner fashion lover more than anything! Not to mention the weird looks from his co-workers! (or worse: the sudden interest he would stirr in the women in his office!) So what you need, is concentrate on a few basic pieces according to his work nature and then rotate them.

different men styles

{2.}Introduce Accessories in his life! Scarves, belts, bracelets, thicker eyeglasses frames, sunglasses, hats, colorful socks and/or colorful shoes, colorful underwear, bags. You have so much to choose from! Just take it one step at the time and trust him with developing the taste for accessories! It’s where you can bring on the wild colors – a funny loud print on a rolled scarf around the neck on a simple gray t-shirt? A pair of bright green sneakers popping from underneath those old blue jeans? There’s so much to do here!

men stylish accessories scarf

funny socks for men

{3.}Talk him into Smart Casual for the out-of-office time. A linen shirt with rolled up sleeves, slightly unbuttoned for a night cup in town would be nicer than the usual tshirt, right? Or a pair of linen pants with a casual tshirt and a scarf? Here you’ll have to play with some basics as well, toned down colors, take it slowly, you don’t want to ruin it all now that you’re halfway through the restyling process!

smart casual style for men

{4.}Bring on some Color! Either a dark purple or green, or a shirt with a colorful print on, a colorful piece every now and then, paired with the usual jeans or dark pants won’t hurt a soul. Remember to keep everything else toned down and neutral so you won’t miss the effect of the color by minimizing its importance in the overall look!

color accents men style

{5.}Play with that hair! Think that your Man could also use a little imagination there and you’re the only one who can boost his confidence when making a change. A shorter haircut? Sure, why not try it? It will grow back in no time in case it’s a miss! Growing longer curls or longer fringe? Why not? there’s always the scissors in the drawer in case of emergency! Grow a beard or a mustache! He could surely use a break from everyday’s grooming! And you may be surprised about how it looks and feels, take my word for it, I’m a beard fanatic!

Brad Pitt different hairstyles

This is just a 5-steps process but it can work, you know? It’s all in the patience and the practice! But remember to do it all with him, be sure he’s comfortable about the changes and won’t put on the sweatpants as soon as you turn your back! Listen to him and his suggestions, work together or it won’t work at all!

casual men shoes

Introduce one change at the time, let it sink in and then move to the next! There’s no telling the steps will only work in this order, be creative and adapt! But don’t push it just because you want it! Some things will work for a season and then he may switch back the next. Be careful about that and play with basics, it’s the safest. The littlest things go the longest distances sometimes and a simple colorful scarf or some quirky socks may find more success in your man’s wardrobe routine than, say, a Hawaii print shirt!

thick eyeglasses frames

Coordinate if you will, but make it pleasantly and not too obvious (you don’t have to wear a striped tshirt to match his striped tshirt or the other way around. A striped scarf or a striped headband would do just fine!). Fashion is about fun but style is about character. Have fun, but be yourself, build your style with confidence and intelligence! Hopefully it helped, but please share your thoughts and experiences, it’s for the greater good! (the pictures included in this story was carefully handpicked and put together from Pinterest by yours truly; however, if you do happen to know the rightful owner of any of the images, please step forward for proper crediting, thank you!)

matching couple style

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#1 Appollonia on 07.23.13 at 9:08 am

I can’t take my eyes of that little cutie. What a show stealer. :) <3

Once I styled a man….
The first time he took me out to dinner he wore sweatpants!! I had the shock of my life. Luckily we went to organic eatery. More weirdos around there. Like guys sandals with socks and such. ;)
The next time I asked friendly not to wear those sweatpants ever again unless it was for comfort around the house.

His ego also got bigger the better styled he looked. And in the end shopping was all about him. Well, sometimes one needs to be careful when styling a man. ;)

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