Daphne Guinness Tribute To Alexander McQueen: Lady White Snake

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The continuous love story between the designer and his muse is one of the things which will continue to fascinate me – in this case, Daphne Guinness brings yet another tribute to the memory and the work of the immensely talented Alexander McQueen.

Lady White Snake is a new fashion film directed by Indrani, starring Daphne Guinness who gets to wear some very interesting pieces (from Alexander McQueen, Genghis Khan (?), Gareth Pugh, Philip Treacy, Fred Leighton, Bess) and behaves like the walking rare art form that she is. The legend in itself, although not a happy one, has been romanticized over the years and this could be one of those love-y forms, depicting a sentimental story between Daphne and, possibly, Alexander McQueen. (hit the jump for more images and a video preview)

Daphne Guinness The Legend Of Lady White Snake

These are just speculations as the official truth will surface this very Sunday, February 12 2012 at the screening of The Legend of Lady White Snake when 12 life size prints with images from the Markus Klinko & Indrani special collaboration will be sold to benefit Charity: Water and Indrani’s Indian school for women empowerment. They had me at “McQueen tribute” so the images only confirm the visual bliss that is this short fashion film!

Daphne Guinness McQueen Tribute Lady White Snake

Daphne Guinness Indrani film Lady White Snake


#1 Ellington on 02.08.12 at 10:06 am

Two people who I like and admire for their art, Daphne Guinness and Alexander McQueen.
I love his designs and I love her sensibility. Daphne is just nifty and she looks stellar!
This is a nifty tribute to McQueen!

#2 Riana on 02.09.12 at 6:23 am

Let us not forget Isabella Blow. So hereby I honour her.

#3 kpriss on 02.09.12 at 6:43 am

what a troubled soul, she was, Isabella! What a wonderful, but oh-so troubled! Yes, we should honor her too! She’s the reason we came to know the grand McQueen after all! (It takes one to know one ;) )

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