Glamour Baby Bump: Jenna Dewan-Tatum

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…and a giant Panda. Have you ever considered – should it still be the case – if you’d bare your growing baby bump in a glossy fashion magazine? And I’m not referencing the financial upside of the decision, I’m just curiously asking if you ever imagined yourself in such a delicate state exposed in front of everyone who’s willing to take a peak inside the magazine…

It’s the fashion with our beloved famous ones, to highlight almost every aspect of their existence, glamorize it and just spread it, like butter on toast, whether we’re diary intolerant or not. In Jenna Dewan’s case – you may know her as Channing Tatum’s wife (they both starred in Step Up – 2006) – Glamour wasn’t exactly sure she’d be cover material so they just placed the lovely pregnant lady’s pictorial inside the magazine’s May 2013 issue, leaving the cover for everyone’s favorite cheerleader now turned country star, Hayden Panettiere. And that, despite her misspelled tattoo and plastic surgery fail!

Jenna Dewan baby bump exposed in Glamour

And for good reason they kept it inside, as the pictorial is really not the cover kind, even for Glamour’s standards. It’s halfway between Housekeeping and any teen mag out there. Which is a harsh description for a famous baby bump pictorial!

Then again, should she have ever dreamed about this, Jenna Dewan had her pregnant body in the spotlight! Look: even StyleFrizz documented the moment (wink)! Wishing her a healthy, happy delivery, we cross our fingers for the wee one to make the cover next to his loving Tatum family! In better photo-circumstances!

Pregnant Jenna Dewan Glamour magazine May 2013 pictorial

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