Most Fashionable Christmas Party: Tommy Hilfiger Holiday 2011 Campaign

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Forget Pajama parties and frat parties! Say hello to the Hilfigers! Tommy Hilfiger Holiday 2011 Ad Campaign is any spoiled… ahem preppy looking young individual’s dream party. Or so I think.

I know it’s supposed to look great, warm, family-ish and inviting. But to my eyes it’s odd and forced. Happy Hilfiger Holidays, partying with the Hilfigers at the Hilfiger residence. That kind of too – much, forced, odd. Am I taking this too far? It’s just an ad campaign after all, should I engage in a more shallow perspective over Tommy Hilfiger’s marketing approach? (even so, how come ads like John Lewis’ Holiday campaign can reach so deep within me and this house par-tay with the Hilfiger makes me cringe?)

Tommy Hilfiger Party Holiday 2011

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#1 DollyBird on 11.29.11 at 4:47 pm

You are not alone Kpriss. The concept here is too perfect to be true.
My imagination’s gone wild again & I see in this 60sec clip Home Alone 1&11, Katy Perry’s TGIF and & Frat House scene from American Pie. Aesthetically perfect casting of course but rotten choreography if I may say so. However male model Noah whatshisname won me over once again. Too bad he wasn’t the one in boxer shorts.

P.S I’m just glad no one here’s wearing a Native Indian feather headband like in the last ad campaign.

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