Halloween Special The Addams Family Theme Song

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I wanted to fit in this week. So what better break than my all-time favorite TV series, The Addams Family?

Thank you for this wonderful week, for your beautiful and insightful comments, as always! I wish you have the best weekend yet, enjoy The Addams Family’s theme song (more info right after the jump!)

Starting to gather material for this article, I discovered that the very composer of this brilliant tune died just recently (October 20, 2009), RIP Vic Mizzy! Even though the original TV series, “The Addams Family” go all the way back to 1964-66, I still want to watch the entire show without missing a beat!

Based upon the work of Charles Addams, the famous (American) cartoonist, the Addams family was imagined as the completely opposite of the ideal (American) family, even though the husband and wife, as a couple, they’re very much in love and as parents, they’re exemplary. Funny and witty, the entire household seems to live the semper happy childhood. There’s much to say about this TV series, but I’ll just stick with the main coordinates. (you can delight yourself with tons of trivia and information here and here)

John Astin and Carolyn Jones were unparalleled as Gomez and Morticia Addams and the “altogether ooky” family was deliciously dysfunctional, yet overwhelmingly perfect in their weirdness. The composer himself, Vic Mizzy was the voice of this legendary theme song (he overdubbed the voice three times). As for the unmistakably Addams fingers snapping – it was supervised by Mizzy himself, as he wanted all seven actors snapping in the rhythm. (Vic Mizzy later declared : “That’s why I’m living in Bel-Air: Two finger snaps and you live in Bel-Air.”)


#1 Adriana on 10.31.09 at 11:50 am

LOL!!! I saw a family in the supermarket, a mother and two daughters. All had dyed deep black hair, the mother couldn’t better not dress Goth like her beautiful daughters and not dye her hair that black, but who cares? Every one turned their heads to pay them some attention. I can never shut my mouth and said with a big grin: “Ladies, what a gorgeous Addams Family you are!” They smiled bright back by the way. I was not offensive. And look here, there’s the lovely family again…..hahaha…..:D

As always thanks for the hard work Kpriss and the other posters for their comments. And to all who read in and do celebrate Halloween: have a fun night!

#2 sonya on 11.01.09 at 9:51 am

i use to imagine living in a house like that.
they were my favorite program too.

back in the 80’s i had the morticia look..i loved it!

thanks kpriss… great work.

#3 Ellington on 11.01.09 at 11:20 am

I loved and still love this show!
I wanted to live next door to them!
They may have been “weird” to outsiders but they were a loving and supportive family! : )
I also loved the movie remakes of the series they were really fabu and Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia (RIP) where stellar as Morticia and Gomez as was Christina Ricci as Wednesday!
Thanks for this treat Kpriss and wouldn’t you love to have Thing to help you around the house? I would! :)

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