Check Out The $1,500 Louboutin Sneakers I Would Never Buy!

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Remember yesterday I was saying something about wanting an entire Belstaff wardrobe? That, for me, was the very peak of snobbery dreaming. This month (wink). And I’ll tell you why is that too: my daily roundabouts don’t stray me further than a 10 minute drive back and forth to the kids’ school & daycare. And for doing that, the most couture – ish extravagance I get to wear is a colorful scarf or a joyful hair accessory.

There too I explained one of my regular outfits for school runs. It’s in the gray – beige palette and definitely involves a pair of classic bootcut jeans. Do I feel the need to dream big, fashion – wise? At least once every month! Like reaaaally big! Like $1,500 for a pair of leather pants, that’s how big!

Or a splashy $1,500 pair of Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Python sneakers.

fashion sneakers Louboutin python hi top sneakers

Kidding: these I wouldn’t buy, wouldn’t fancy, wouldn’t dream of like… never! But I do imagine that there are people out there who – just like me – dream a little bigger. Like 10 times the price of their splashier pair of sneakers (because, make no mistake about it: just as I wouldn’t buy a pair of pants south of $150, I wouldn’t pay more than $150 for a pair of sneakers before Hell freezes over!). Does that make me a bad fashionista? Does that make you less stylish?

Do you think that the mighty $ is the real measure of fashion & style?

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#1 Diyana on 01.24.13 at 10:26 pm

To be honest, they are probablt the very first sneakers that make me wanting them.
And I will never ever pay 1000eur for shoes.
That’s a fact.

1000eur represents (a return ticket to Kigali) ,
or stared restaurant in the european capital ,each month for a year!

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