Colorful Brogues For Spring From Mary Katrantzou SS14

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Fashion is, once more, gravitating towards shoes. Forget the it status of a handbag, all eyes are now on the feet and on the soles.

Inexorably addictive, the power of the shoe holds me in its laces and squeezes me further into shoemania with every fashion show walking the runways of the world. Last week it was all about New York’s fashion week shoes, now it’s London’s fashion week shoes and tomorrow Milan. I’m stalking the shoes of the fashion week. Would you care to join me?

The spectacle of shoes was complete with Mary Katrantzou. But so it happens with her each and every time: once she’s into something, she’ll be twisting and turning it all the way! Can you believe her oh-so-famous and coveted prints were now about shoes? Yes! Shoes-dresses, shoes-pants. Shoes-skirts, shoes-tops! laces here, eyelets there, shoes on up, shoes on down. Click for more shoes!

Mary Katrantzou Spring Summer 2014 shoes

While the endless panorama of shoe prints kept everyone buzzing and wondering, I was surprised to discover that there wasn’t, in fact, more than one shoe dominating the entire catwalk wardrobe in Mary Katranzou’s Spring Summer 2014 collection: the same silhouette of a high heeled brogue with flowerprint or graphicprint canvas upper.

Mary Katrantzou Spring Summer 2014 prints shoes

The Brogues! Originally ‘shoe’ in Gaelic, the ‘brog’ was born somewhere in the beautiful lands of Scotland and/or Ireland a long, long time ago. It has, since then, evolved and transformed and covered all shapes and heights, worn equally by men and women and widely appreciated in all colors, shapes, heights or fabrics.

Mary Katrantzou Brogues SS 14

There’s no telling what the stylists indications were, precisely, what matters is that Mary Katrantzou kept loyal to her print extravagant self while paying homage to the almighty shoe! Sure she served us bright prints, bold graphics and vests along the way, fulfilling the fashion demands for the next Spring Summer 2014 season, but if there’s one thing we’ll remember from her show is the shoe she had walking before the fashion world!

flower print Brogues Mary Katrantzou SS14

Full brogues, half brogues, ankle brogues, there were a lot of printed canvas brogues walking for Katrantzou and they were all happy and bright. Just like Mary herself! (images courtesy styledotcom)

Flower print Brogues Spring Summer 2014 Mary Katrantzou

graphic print Brogues Mary Katrantzou Spring 2014

purple Brogues Mary Katrantzou SS 14

Brogues Spring Summer 2014 Mary Katrantzou

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