Uma Thurman’s Comeback Campari Cocktail

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It’s a comeback day: our favorite Bride is slowly but steadily getting back in the fashion game, one sip at the time. She has been shooting for the renowned Campari calendar with Koto Bolofo and the behind the scenes teasers are just as intriguing as they are pleasant. More so, since the theme of next year’s calendar is pretty interesting: ‘Worldwide Celebrations’ and a rumored participation from one of the world’s most interesting and talented actors, Benicio del Toro!

It’s always good to see Uma Thurman, in print or on the big screen. But while I may be rejoicing her comeback, there’s also a very important mention to keep in mind: Campari calendars, besides casting the famous&the beautiful (Penelope Cruz was the star of the 2013 Campari Calendar while for 2012 we had the pleasure of admiring the always-futuristic Milla Jovovich) are also renowned for heavily retouching the celebrities/models posing in their pages.

Uma Thurman Campari Calendar 2014

Jessica Alba, who has a perfectly enviable silhouette was computer-enhanced to fit Campari’s standards – and that even before her second baby! I can only imagine the photoshop horrors they’ll subject Uma Thurman to, at 43 after 3 kids! someone page Quentin Tarantino to deal with this calendar situation!

Campari calendar 2014 Uma Thurman

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