Missing Homeland: Vanity Fair TV Issue

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It’s interesting to see how the world hasn’t evolved much in the last fifty years. We’re still addicted to our TV sets, as much as we’d try not to! I mean, honestly, how can you not, with series like Homeland Security and Modern Family? These are my absolute favorite TV Series right now, and because I’m missing Homeland so much (they return next year), I just had to talk about Vanity Fair’s TV Issue.

It’s not their best, obviously, the cover alone is as cliché as our love for TV series, but entertainment is what makes the world go round, and women, white sheets and luxurious diamonds are part of the smoke & mirrors media – culture. It’s like putting together all the ingredients to have the perfect cheesecake. Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife. Claire Danes, Homeland Security. Sofia Vergara, Modern Family. Michelle Dockery, Downtown Abbey.

Vanity Fair TV Issue 2012 cover

Every slice of my favorite TV series is like a slice of New York cheesecake: it’s good, it’s a classic, it’ll never fail me. I want to laugh? I watch Modern Family. I want to raise my pulse, I watch Homeland Security! I’m a simple girl and I have simple pleasures (and right now, I’m playing all the VF videos you can find here) With “House” now over and “The Good Wife” on its last season, what will we be watching next?

Vanity Fair TV Issue 2012 covergirls in bed Vanity Fair TV Issue 2012

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#1 Riana on 05.01.12 at 10:28 am

I also miss Homeland but The Good Wife and Mad Men are back here in the Netherlands. I won’t buy this Vanity Fair. I rather have my heroes on my retina as they are in the series.

Dexter is back next week I still doubt if I like to see all these killings again. Too much blood.

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