Short Fall Fashion Guide With 6 Vogue September 2013 Issues

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With the Fashion Week less than a month away, Vogue September issues should be the quintessential teasers to put us in the mood for fall. I thought that instead of treating them one by one, we could enjoy a larger perspective and gather 6 Vogue international editions with their respective September issues for a comprehensive appreciation of fall novelties in Vogue’s head.

From Vogue Paris in Grunge and Vogue US in Hollywood, the September Issues are not too clear on what cap is our fall fashion’s boat taking. Surely, we do appreciate Emmanuelle Alt’s edgy take on Saskia de Brauw and we love Jennifer Lawrence to pieces, even despite her dull Vogue US pictorial, but where should we look for real fall fashion inspiration?

Vogue Netherlands September 2013 takes tanned beauty Doutzen Kroes out in a seemingly wild&unfriendly nature, Vogue Spain September 2013 keeps Doutzen Kroes inside the studio, betting it all on her gorgeous body, summer glow and dark clothes, Vogue Australia September 2013 highlights Victoria Beckham and her fashion secrets and (my favorite) Vogue Russia September 2013 redlights Sasha Pivovarova and her fringed wig. What to choose? What to wear?

2013 fall fashion in Vogue September issues

We’re still transitioning, after all, it’s August and fall isn’t here yet. Summer holidays are in high season, fun in the sun and less rain and drizzle on our fashionable mind right now. And still, summer sales season is here and we should try to stock some key pieces for the fall wardrobe and Vogue isn’t helping too much.

However, let’s see if we can find some common fashion grounds to talk about: dark clothes my dahlings! Scoop some grey, black and dark brown in your wardrobe and wear them all at once for a full fall effect.

dark clothes Fall 2013 Fashion Vogue September

Also: wear your coat over frilly summer shorts; better: skip the pants altogether and just keep the coat!

coats Fall 2013 Fashion Vogue September

Amid all the darkness, the grunge and the dizzy transition looks, you’ll need to keep in mind that lace adds a feminine, delicate touch and a welcoming contrast with the dark and moody overalls. So what if you’re wearing rubber wellies or distressed leather biker boots? Fishnet tights and lace trimmings are a fashionista’s must.

Feminine details Fall 2013 Fashion Vogue September

Although I’m looking forwards to highlights of Sasha Pivovarova’s Vogue Russia September 2013, the cover preview is promising. More on the hot side than on the grunge, but I’m sure that they’ll be keeping track of the fall’s main fashion coordinates as we crayoned them above.

Sasha Pivovarova Vogue Russia September 2013

Oh, and remember: when you’re feeling overwhelmed by fall, Vogue US recommends an overdose of rose bouquets, Vogue Paris thinks you should climb a tree, Vogue Netherlands would suggest taking off all your clothes and get into a natural, outdoors spa, Vogue Russia would most likely take you clubbing while Vogue Australia would make a trailer camper out of you! Or, to mix the 6 International Vogue September Issues: fall is when you’re rolling your trailer sans clothes to a natural spa grunge club with a dozen rose bouquets up in a tree. Wait, what? (all the images come from the respective Vogue editions websites and their associated social media channels)

2013 Fall Fashion in Vogue September 2013 International Issues

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#1 Appollonia on 08.20.13 at 2:12 pm

That last sentence…LOLz!!

Agrees, Vogue Russia is the best but not really great either.

Also according to Dutch Vogue: “flower print is the new white”. As it says on the cover I do not like at all and not gonna purchase either.

That’s what Victoria wore at Wimbledon and yes, it did look trailer park-ish. A neglige in the Royal Wimbledon Box or what’s the name? Nooooo!

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