5 Ways To Wear The Year’s Most Important Trend: The Fishtail Braid

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Last year it was the year of the gradient – from ombre nails to ombre cakes, we had a gradient touch for pretty much everything. This year, however, is definitely the year of the fishtail braid! I only picked up 5 examples to convince you that sooner you adopt the fishtail braid habits into your style, the better, fashionable you’ll be!

{1}The Fishtail Braid Hairdo: almost every one of our beloved famous ladies who walked the Red Carpet this year had a fishtail brad. On the side, on the back, the long or the short version, everybody has to wear a fishtail braided do at one point! (hit the jump to see the other 4!)

2013 most important trend Fishtail Braid

{2}The Fishtail Braid Nails: you already read about my passion for nails before! Let them say it’s over as much as they want to, we know better: nail art is very much alive and kicking! And fishtail braid nails are still going strong – and who can put a stop to this beautiful nail art technique when the end result is oh-so-catchy?

2013 most important nails trend Fishtail Braid

{3}The Fishtail Braid Home Décor: whether it’s a simple painting on the wall, a rug on the floor or a couch, fishtail braided interior accents are extremely chic! It’s like always keeping a piece of summer close by…

2013 most important decor trend Fishtail Braid

{4}The Fishtail Braid Food: traditionally named challah, the braided bread is a very widely known, appreciated and baked bread during Jewish holidays and on Sabbath. I actually don’t need to use that as an argument in favor of the braided trend for I love this bread in all in each its shapes and forms – it’s divinely good!

challah braided bread

{5}The Fishtail Braid Dresses, Shoes and Accessories: basically, beyond the braided dresses and the braided jewelry, all I need to remind you guys of is that Nike is launching a braided sneaker! And if that doesn’t convince you that braided is the new black, then nothing will and you’ll forever be stuck with last season’s ombre trend!

Fishtail Braid dresses jewelry shoes

Now, as a bonus, two simple tutorials for the fishtail braid – one that is completely generic and can be applied to hair or strands of fabric and one for fishtail braid nail art. (for the making of this compelling fishtail braid story, the following resources were consulted: houzz; teresal; aphroditesweddingblog; instagram; rejoicenailart; and the following etsy stores:for the doormat; for the painting)

Fishtail braid easy tutorial

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