Scandal’s Kerry Washington In Vanity Fair August 2013

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Kerry Washington is, undoubtedly a gorgeous woman. Her gentle eyes compliment her beautiful physical features and her acting success only comes to confirm her many qualities (Kerry is now the star of the new successful TV series ‘Scandal’).

However, seeing her pictorial from Vanity Fair’s August 2013 issue, although signed by the great Norman Jean Roy, got me thinking at how ridiculously gauche the media still is with black women. It’s like they’re walking on thin ice and trying to put the best foot forward and looking for the most delicate step. But lo and behold, the ice still cracks. Why? Because we’re too afraid. Because in our obsession for equality we’re juggling too much and we’re losing the naturalness, the coolness and the easiness.

Kerry Washington’s Vanity Fair had enormous potential. Instead we got a distorted perspective on Kerry’s body because of the pool water in the cover picture and…(hit the jump to read the rest!)

Kerry Washington distorted Vanity Fair August 2013 cover

… as if that wasn’t gauche enough, the inside pictorial, as relaxed and casual as it wants to appear, it’s constrained and rigid, just as contrasting and as appealing as the camouflage dress Kerry is wearing in the stairs picture below.

Kerry Washington Vanity Fair August 2013

It just blends in. Forcefully. As if we would be totally ok with Kerry being a black woman but we would just want her to be like every other woman. To blend in. As if Kerry wasn’t even there to begin with. But her face expression is. And her pretended relaxed attitude speaks for itself: it’s Scandal-ous.

Scandal Kerry Washington black and white Vanity Fair picture

Kerry Washington by Norman Jean Roy Vanity Fair


#1 Jac on 07.07.13 at 4:13 am

I feel sorry for you if this is how you truly think!!!! Kerry looks beautiful – the cover is great. I for one am glad a beautiful, talented woman has a cover as opposed to an over exposed, hyper se*ualized, maginally talented tweeny personality. Good on you Kerry – this is wonderful – IMHO!

#2 kpriss on 07.08.13 at 7:38 am

Oh, but it was exactly my opinion: Kerry looks beautiful! But it’s like they didn’t know what to do with all that beauty and talent! The cover is distorted…

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